aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Haven't I heard this plot someplace before? Dueling premises

Myla Goldberg's The False Friend (published in 2009):
PW said: "Begins in the woods surrounding a small upstate New York town, as 11-year-old Celia watches her best friend, Djuna, get into a stranger's car, never to be seen again. At least that's the story Celia gives to the police. Twenty-one years later, Celia returns to her hometown to tell her family and old friends what really happened that fateful day..."

Publishers Lunch deal announced this week:

"Karen Brown's debut novel THE LOST GIRL, in which twelve-year-old Sadie is living in an idyllic New England suburb, until she and a friend play a seemingly harmless prank that leads to the disappearance of a younger neighborhood girl; and what happens when, twenty years later, nightmares of that summer come back to visit."

I guess there are only so many stories to tell...

Tags: dueling premises
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