Book covers = Buggy whips?

NPR recently spoke to famed cover designer Chip Kidd (and the man I once had an intense conversation with over the buffet line only to realize I thought he was someone else) about book covers.

In the olden days, a reader might pick up a book because the cover was exciting, intriguing, maybe even beautiful. But in the brave new world of e-books and e-readers, the days when an artist named Chip Kidd could make us reach for a book may be gone.

Read - and listen - to the story here.

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I wonder how many publishers will spring for foil or embossing or debossing or whatever. I do think they are getting simplified so they look better as a thumbnail.
If you click on the Chip Kidd tag, you'll see my story about my accidental conversation. I was so impressed. He's a household name to me - but it's kind of inside baseball for a lot of folks.