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Now I know why

I have this theory. Before I take my car to be serviced, I clean it inside and out. No goldfish cracker crumbs or crumpled gas station receipts. I vacuum the interior and make sure the exterior is freshly washed.

I want the people working on the car to think to themselves, "She cares about this car, and I should, too."

In late January, I had a touch of surgery on my left calf. Things have not exactly gone swimmingly since, including: a) vomiting in car on way home, b) blisters from steristrips, c) excruciating pain at the slightest touch, even of cloth, leading to d) emergency ultrasound to rule out deep vein thrombosis (it is not promising when a health care professional says "I apologize for the pain I'm going to cause you") (ultrasound was negative), e) etc.

But this morning I realized why it all happened: I forgot to shave my legs before surgery. What kind of subliminal message did that send?

I should have gone in with a tan and a pedicure.

Instead I presented the surgeon with a pale, stubbly leg. No wonder things went wrong.

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