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What you should do if you ever hit the big time

I loved this article in Fortune that author Sara Ryan pointed me to, about how Cassie Claire used the marketing sensibility she was taught by her dad to make sure her publisher had plans in place for her success.

CLARE:  We were in the boardroom. The publisher [Simon & Schuster] said, "Our plan is to raise the profile and increase the sales."  And I said, "What are your concrete plans to achieve that?"  They said, "Well, we're going to get the book more attention and sell more copies."

As opposed to a plan to sell fewer copies?

RUMELT: They were naming goals instead of actions.  She gets that sensibility of distinguishing between the two.

CLARE:  I asked them to come back in a week or two with a list of things they were going to do—advertising, print run, special promotions, third-tier stores like Costco they were targeting. For Target, I asked if we were on the planogram. They've looked on me as if I were an alien. "You're not supposed to know these words!"…But they did what I asked.

You can read the rest here..

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