Love it! Today is the one year anniversary of my debut novel and I am cracking up over here! :-)
This is great!

I mean, I know nothing about these stages...(whistles nervously)
Ha! But I saw you on the Today show!!! (was it last week?) I was on the treadmill at the gym and reading closed captioning, so I couldn't hear the music. You looked great - your makeup was great, your hands looked pretty, you kept your knees together (something I always forget in a dress). I tried to tell the stranger next to me "that's my friend!" but he either didn't hear me or thought I was crazy.
This is so interesting, how you noticed all those details! I got a manicure for the first time in my life in case they did a close-up of me playing!

The make-up came out great, but it was a little scary watching it being put on me (the lights on the set will wash you out so you have to wear your make-up heavier). I didn't do any of the hair and make-up - someone was there at the studio. I was well taken-care of!
I couldn't hear anything, so maybe that made a difference - I had to rely on my eyes.

I have had one manicure as well. I am not a manicure person.

I was once made up for a magazine shoot and the lady spent hours. In the end, I looked exactly like myself, only there was about a quarter-inch of makeup on me.