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Whom should you thank in your acknowledgements?

I need to write my acknowledgements for The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die (although that is NOT the final cover and the description is a little muddled), and so when I started looked at some advice on Booklist I had skimmed over several paragraphs before I realized it was all tongue-in-cheek:

It's very important to thank a lot of famous writers. This tells us, and them, that you are on their level and allows starry-eyed readers to imagine that you spend a lot of time drinking cocktails together and exchanging bons mots. To encourage the impression of chumminess, even if it is likely false, use only first names. To that end, only thank authors whose first names allow us to guess who they are (Cormac, China, Zadie).</>

You can read the rest of the advice here.

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Tags: book business, naming names
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