The secret to writing

I loved this advice from Jonathan Maberry:

Stop mythologizing the writing process. We don’t sit moodily in quiet corners waiting for the muse to whisper secrets to us. We don’t need to wear lucky socks or write in the dead of night or anything else that places affectation before productivity. Get your butt in a chair and write. If it comes out weak or bad or clunky or ordinary, then accept that this happens to everyone. Everyone. Get it down, get it done, and fix it in the rewrite.

It is so easy to get stuck thinking it needs to be perfect!

You can read more of his advice here.

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I admire Jonathan so much for how prolific he is. He definitely has the right attitude. We were on a panel together a couple weeks ago, and during lunch we discussed how so many writers have this view that their work is their "art" and they don't want anyone messing with it. This is a business! If an editor is asking you to change something, it's nothing personal-- they want to make the book the best it can be, so you need to think long and hard about their suggestions before dismissing them. A professional attitude in this industry means that no matter how many books we put out, we are never too accomplished to listen to those who want to make our books better.
How cool to meet him! He followed me on Twitter yesterday.

For me, the editing part isn't that hard - it's my internal editor that won't shut up.
It is great advice. Now if I could only follow it. :P