Title, Title, Who Gets to Keep Their Titles

You might think that because you wrote the book, you get to name it. And I kept my titles for my first five books, which lulled me into a state of complacency.

Since then, I've pretty much had a losing streak (and my 13th book came out this year).

Here are some examples:

Was: Point and Shoot. Publisher said: sounds like school violence. Became: Shock Point.

Was: Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair. Publisher said: sounds too violent. Became: Torched.

Was: Shadows Walking Backward. Publisher said: sounds too literary. Became: Girl, Stolen.

Was: The Girl in the Mini Cooper. Publisher said: doesn't sound scary. Became: The Night She Disappeared.

Was: Finish Her Off. Publisher said: Sounds too mafia-like. Will be published as: The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die.

Agent Chip MacGregor look at who gets to choose the title - and why.

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Interesting post, April. I love that some of your titles sounded too violent, and some not scary enough.
And some of those responses were from the same publisher!

I still like Finish Her Off very much and wish the publisher had kept the title.
Sounds like it's only your YA books that didn't get to keep the original titles.