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Being partners with Patterson

What's it like being partners with James Patterson?

The good: good money.
The bad: the copyright is only in Patterson's name.
The good: will likely hit the best-seller list.
The bad: with a formulaic book with chapters running no longer than 4 pages, most ending with a twist or surprise, some cheezy.
The good: you get to quick your day job.
The bad: but not exactly how you dreamed.
The good: you might be able to one day sell your own novels for more money.
The possibly bad: but will they have to be in James Patteron's style?

Read more here about how James Patterson wrote his new book, Step on a Crack.

"Tt has all the ingredients of a Patterson page-turner: drama, emotions and short chapters (116 in 383 pages). Patterson calls it "a delicious stew" while acknowledging that the ending "is over-the-top." But, he says, "never let reality get in the way of a good story."

Ledwidge says his role was to flesh out the outline, adding details like St. Patrick's underground bomb shelter, which he invented. Ledwidge, who lives in Avon, Conn., says he wrote several chapters at a time and sent them to Patterson, who spends most of the year in Florida. Patterson sent back revisions, which, he says, mostly dealt with "the pace, not getting bogged down," and "not neglecting the detective's family."

Ledwidge says Patterson served less as an editor and more as a "writing coach or teacher." Patterson says Ledwidge was an ideal partner: "talented, pleasant and hungry.""

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