Looking for a great writers workshop this summer?

Looking for a great writers workshop this summer?I can heartily recommend the Oregon Coast Children’s Book Writers Workshop which will take place in July.

Check it out at www.occbww.com

I taught there in 2012 and 2010. One of the 2010 graduates has now sold five YA novels, and the first just got published.

This summer, July 15-19, will be the 11th year of the program. The instructors will include:
- Katherine Jacobs, editor at Roaring Book Press
- Anna Bloom, editor at Scholastic
- Ammi-Joan Paquette, agent with Erin Murphy Literary Agency (and a much published children's book author in her own right)
- Ellen Howard, award-winning author of middle grade novels, YA, and picture books
- Jane Kurtz, award-winning picture book author (and author of non-fiction and novels)
- Margriet Ruurs, award-winning author of non-fiction and picture books
- Anne Osterlund, award-winning YA novelist
- David Greenberg, award-winning author of many poetry picture books and a novel

Why is it such a great conference?
- The main reason is it because it’s not just people lecturing you. It’s professional in the business who have read your work speaking to you one-on-one about it.
- The instructor-student ratio is a maximum of one to seven.
Each day you will meet with an instructor for at least one comprehensive consultation.
- You can have one-on-one informal meetings with instructors each day as well.
- Every student who wishes can have an anonymous first page manuscript critique by all eight instructors in front of the class.
- They will offer at least twelve instructional lectures on various aspects of writing and publishing.
- There will be one or two evening presentations by instructors.
- Out-of-class consultations with instructors are available.
- There will be at least two guest lectures/writing workshops.

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Do they ever do these workshops during another season? I'd REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like to go (I feel like this would be a great kick in the butt for my writing, because I'd have nothing to do BUT write), but I can't leave Aidan. I get him for the summers and I'd hate to be away from him even that short time.

But it looks perfect and beautiful there!! Ahhhhhh!
He only offers it during the summer. No idea if that will change, but you could try emailing him.

Although I will say, not sure how much writing you would get done, because there is a lot of one-on-one time with instructors. It's probably better to go with some writing already done.