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Little, Brown finds new way for teens to interact with authors

Oh, how I envy teens of today, who can email authors, as well as friend them on FB, and Tweet to them.

Little Brown has come up with a cool way to give teens access to their favorite authors. It’s called Live at the Lounge. It’s a six-part live video series. Publishers Weekly reports: “The “live” aspect of the online programming enables readers to interact with the authors during their chats, through an online video option and via social media platforms. Participants can log on to the chat using a Twitter or Facebook account. During each event, viewers are given the choice to submit questions or comments to be discussed on camera or via text, and are able to simultaneously post to and invite friends from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ from within the platform.”

And my friend Laini Taylor is one of the six!

Click here to read more.

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