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Niche marketing taken to extremes

Gone are the days of one or two magazines everyone read, like Newsweek or Time. Obviously not that many folks are now reading Time, because it is so slim now it seems insubstantial. Now there are niche magazines for needs you didn't even know you had.

Like GeezerJock, celebrating older, physically fit people.

Or how about Obit? My husband was solicited for this new mag. I subscribe to probably 15 magazines, but it wasn't me they mailed the promo piece to. He gets MacWorld, This Old House, and Wired. Apparently, that makes him the perfect candidate for Obit.

Yes, a magazine of obits. "Our obits will be bigger and better. They will get inside the person through incisive journalistic inquiry and robust reflection upon the legacy of the life in question. Our long format obituaries will utilize a multi-disciplinary approach in order to present a life well lived. Historical, political, anthropological, and sociological methodologies will be employed, and experts in the fields pertaining to the examined life will do the writing. Innovative photography and art will surround our articles…. [Full disclosure: this writing is stilted. "Utilize a multi-disciplinary approach" sounds like it came out of business school.] And, by surrounding obits with departments and columns that speak to a broad range of issues related to aging such as sustainability, health, the arts and letters, financial planning, and more, we hope to engage an entire spectrum of dialogue [Full disclosure #2: I think "engaging an entire spectrum of dialog" is not only physically impossible, but illegal in the state of Texas] about what it means to age in the 21st century. Ultimately, we hope to cultivate new attitudes about death in American society." [Full disclosure #3: you had me at "incisive journalistic inquiry and robust reflection."]

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