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Good Lord, anyone can sue anybody

Reuters reports that an "author" is suing filmmaker Tyler Perry. She says he stole the plot of his 2012 movie, "Good Deeds," from her book. Terri Donald, who also writes under the pseudonym TLO Red'ness, says Perry based the film on her 2007 book, "Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit." She says she sent a copy of her book to Perry's company before production on the movie began. In the movie, Perry stars as a wealthy businessman who meets a struggling single mother.

This kind of thing is the reason no one wants to get anything in the mail anymore. If the description of her self-published book (with 0 reviews on Amazon after five years) is as badly written as the book, then heaven help us all. Here is part of it:

"This mysterious secret must unfold in order for the woman to allow a committed vow. In this story her past unravels tragedy, murder and her secret. What the man isn t being honest about is that he also has a secret that materializes in the midst of the storm and the raging fury it holds. The two come to grips with the truths and decide for the future and what it has to offer them."

It reads like someone took a paragraph, translated it via Google Translate into Polish, and then translated the Polish back into English.

Or how about this self-description:

"Terri Vanessa Donald is a 36-year-old female writer who first began writing as a hobby. After meeting Steve Martin through casting agent Mindy Morin in Los Angeles during the shooting of LA Story, Steve showed her manuscript format. Two years later, she began writing for Artist Darrin O Brien, a.k.a. Snow, and had three-time platinum success. Terri plans to take the book industry by storm with her Maya Angelou-style of writing technique. She is a proud mother with family values and a native-born New Yorker who is now serving proudly in the US Army during this very exciting venture."

Words fail me. If anyone has a lawsuit here, it might be Maya Angelou.

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