aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five things on a Friday

1. I have been a bad blogger.

2. Because, like most people, it's easier and more timely to post things on Twitter or Facebook. http://twitter.com/aprilhenrybooks and http://www.facebook.com/AprilHenry But I miss the days where it felt like the YA community was so strong on LiveJournal.

3. I sold a new series based on Multnomah County's teen-lead Search and Rescue group. They not only look for people lost in the woods, they also spend about a big chunk of their time doing crime scene evidence searches.

4. I sold audio rights to next year's book, The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die, as well as to The Night She Disappeared and Girl, Stolen. The last is really important to me because it will make it more accessible to folks who are blind, like the main character.

5. A few weeks ago, I got my orange belt in kung fu. Will I ever make purple? One of the requirements is to be able to do a cartwheel. Even when I was a little kid, I don't think I ever successfully did a cartwheel.

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