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What really happens on book tours

I think book tours are so 2000s.  Or however you reference the last decade.  At least that's what publishers would have you believe. These days, it's the rare author who gets a tour, and it's the even rarer one who has a full audience. (Although last year I went to Alyson Noel's signing at Powells Beaverton and every seat was filled and each person literally had a dozen books for her to sign.  That's the kind of tour everyone dreams of and few - very few - people get.)

I love this guy's description of his book tour nd general promotion efforts, which will ring a bell for any author.

And here' the diary of my very first book tour in 2000
Book signings....futile endeavor or fond memory?
I enjoyed doing some signings traveling with Jaki Girdner and her supportive spouse, Greg Booi. My favorite memory was encountering a bestselling author (he's remaining nameless because I forgot his name) who had an actual author escort. I enjoyed telling the audience at our Book Passage that we were treated well because Jaki was sleeping with our media escort--the charming Greg, of course.
Re: Book signings....futile endeavor or fond memory?
I've had author escorts a few time. They had the BEST gossip.
When I revise, I go back and outline the chapters (quick one liners). Then I see if the story that was written is the story I meant to write.

I love your suggestion of "Is there a surprise in every chapter?". I usually look at that as "Is a secret revealed every chapter?" but not every surprise is necessarily a secret.

Someone in the NYT was talking about outlining in reverse this week.

Sometimes the story I meant to write is not as good as the story I wrote. At least I hope so!