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Ally Condie - overnight success?

When Matched came out and almost immediately became a bestseller, a lot of people thought Ally Condie was an overnight success. Many people thought Matched was her first book.

But neither of these things was true. “So, with three best-selling books in three years, it appears that Ms. Condie, 34, has just suddenly hit the jackpot. In an interview before a recent program for teens in Bethesda, Md., however, she is quick to correct the record, noting that she earlier had published five novels for teens with a small, religious-focused publisher, Deseret Book Co., in her home state of Utah before even beginning "Matched."”

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/books/childrens-corner-ally-condie-reached-for-success-and-finally-got-it-665817/#ixzz2GU54UNra

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