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You can help turn The Iron King into a manga/graphic novel series!

Julie Kagawa is working with Bluewater Comics to turn her book THE IRON KING into a four-part Manga/graphic novel series.
Publishing comic books is a pricey endeavor (no surprise there), so they're trying to raise the funds to cover the costs up front. Initially, they had a very ambitious Kickstarter campaign -- but not being Veronica Mars, they didn't make it. So they adjusted the budget, found ways to cut costs significantly, and have relaunched on Indiegogo. They still have a ton of awesome prizes for anyone who contributes -- and they have a much more attainable goal. But because they lost all the Kickstarter pledges, they're having a hard time getting our numbers back up.

They need YOUR help letting readers know about THE IRON KING Manga project, and asking them to contribute whatever they can. Even $1 will help them reach their goal.
The Indiegogo campaign can be viewed here: