aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

All I have to do

All I have to do before April 15 is:

- Finish writing a book.  That is not nearly done enough.
- Write a blog post for the International Reading Association (IRA).
- Plan my talk for IRA.
- Plan three days of school visits.
- Book a car.
- Book a hotel.
- Figure out how to pack seven days of clothes plus two computers into carry-on luggage.
- Answer fan mail.
- Finish my taxes.
- See the doctor.
- See the physical therapist.
- See my kid's doctor.
- Do FAFSA for my kid's college.
- Take my friend to get her cancer surgery.
- At least consider going to someone's book launch party.
- Go to a free concert my friend is hosting for everyone who has helped her fight cancer.

Piece of cake, right? Or should I say write?
Tags: crazy
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