aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Just for fun

Today is going to be .... interesting.  Our 1918 house is being re-roofed.  They're taking it down to the very beginning and starting over.  I'll probably hide out from the noise.

I've got two books in two different series I need to start work on.  But I'm also going to work on a spec book, one I won't try to sell until it's finished.  It's based on a true story (one that so far doesn't have an answer) about a little girl who was found in a KMART.  She was so young, she couldn't tell police her name. Later they realized she was part of a family that had gone missing miles away, gone to look for a Christmas tree and disappeared. Her mom's body was found by hunters, and signs pointed to the dad having done it, dropping the girl off, and then taking off.  Only two years ago, they found the guy's skull.  They now believe someone killed both parents and then dropped off the little girl.

So what if she is 17, moves back to her small town with a new name (from a failed adoption, she's now an emancipated minor), and tries to figure out who did it?
Tags: new project, the girl i used to be

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