aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

My week in pictures

April Sean Spar Tuesday.  I love to spar. And I hardly ever say "sorry" when I hit someone now.
1004733_10201363077629190_288370316_n Wednesday: Reading at Powells from my new book, The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die.
971975_471451909606950_500659664_n Friday:If I was going to sprain my toe, couldn't I do it doing something cool?  But no, I ran it into a door frame on my way into the bathroom.
1008515_471799416238866_31744303_o Saturday: Got back from the launch party for Teri Brown's Born of Illusion and heard weird noises from under the car.  this is possibly a broken sway bar, something whose very existence I was blissfully unaware of.  
Tags: girl who was supposed to die, ouch, readings
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