aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

A few days in my hometown - in photos

2013-06-21 14.45.19 Grave I saw on the way back from visiting my friend's. In the child's section. Saddest part were the solar lights.  This cemetery has a policy against putting stuff like this out, but the grave is so fresh it lacks a headstone.
2013-06-21 14.41.02 Grave for the first death that really had an impact on me. Penny died from a brain tumor when we were in first grade. We used to tell each other secrets and watch The Wonderful World of Disney together and laugh when the bubbles from the soda her stepmom gave us went up our nose. Sometimes I worry I'm the only living person who remembers her.  Have you read that book The Brief History of the Dead by Kenneth Brockmeier?  If you have, you'll know why I'm asking that.
2013-06-21 09.02.00 My mom always buys me bacon.  And even though she's very very frugal, she buys center cut.  Just for me.
2013-06-20 10.22.32 Chocolate cake at 10:15 am?  How is that NOT a good idea?
2013-06-20 10.01.34 This was a bit of a shock.  Paula was only three years older than me.  She grew up at the top of my block. I remember she showed me how she collected small stones and keep them in a glass full of water. Dry, they were nothing.  Wet they might be blue or gree or golden.  Magic!  She and her brother Vince (who had melanoma) both died before their mom.
2013-06-19 15.52.42 My favorite store in the world: Grocery Outlet. It's where brands go to die. I've also heard it called The Land of Misfit Food.
2013-06-19 11.45.20 My mom, second from right, with the other "flower girls."  They all worked together at a flower shop, probably 30 years ago.  
Tags: death, grown up, medford, medford again, mom
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