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Title, Title, I Need a Title

My new book is a thriller about a 16yo girl who goes undercover for the FBI with an organization like the Environmental Liberation Front, called Mother Earth Defenders. Some of the highpoints of the book: firebombing a Hummer dealership, tree sits, disabling logging equipment, several pipe bombs. I am really having trouble with a title, which is a fairly new experience for me. Shock Point was titled Point & Shoot until Putnam's marketing department protested that the word "shoot" could get the book rejected by school libraries afraid it was about gun violence (in the book, the term referred to both a camera and a taser).

What do you think of these titles? Do you have one of your own to propose? Could be a free book in it for you...

Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair
We Will No Longer Hesitate
Slated for Destruction
True Believer
Heed Our Warning
Legitimate Target
Making a Killing
Fighting Back
The Last Best Chance
Not a Crime
Crying in the Wilderness
You Have Been Warned
The MEDics are watching
Mother Earth Defenders

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