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Nothing says loving like a personalized book

How'd you like to read Racing Hearts, a novel about stock car racing – with your and your significant other's names and characteristics included in the book. Here in Oregon, this guy is selling personalized titles to people all over the United States. You answer 20-30 questions about yourself, your beloved, your body types, and your pet names for each other. And it all gets integrated in.

Books By You says it sells thousands of personalized romance novels each year with titles such as "ER Fever" and "Pirates of Desire," where the reader is the star. Read more about it here.

Hopefully, since it's not illustrated it will be better than two books my kid received with kid's name and details worked in. The illustrations all showed a child with the face turned away, dressed in unisex clothing. The hair and skin color were right. But the whole thing looked pretty darn cheesy. The paper stock, colors, and binding just looked off, kind of the IUniverse or PublishAmerica look. Since I assume there are no pictures in these books for adults, perhaps the whole concept works better.

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