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If it's Sunday, this must be New York City (life after North Carolina and Writer's Police Academy)

Dinner at the Shake Shack - Hey! I's only once a year.  Cheese fries and a Haystack Concrete and a Smoke Shack.

What costs $5.33?  A Diet Pepsi at the airport.  I don't even like Diet Pepsi, but I was tired.

When you cuff someone, make sure you put the keyhole at the top, so it's much likely they can get out with a hidden handcuff key (which are universal).  One of my friends volunteered to play the bad guy at a felony traffic stop.  She has been working on getting out of handcuffs (so a character can) and this cop did not cuff her very tight.  She actually managed to get out of them, and when the cop opened the door to put another prisoner in, she tossed the cuffs at him and said, "This ain't my first rodeo!"  He laughed.  Nervously.

Our hotel for the Writer's Police Academy had a poster that had lots of "quotes" about their "lite entrees" and "Southern cooking."  I don't think they understand how to use quotes.

A dog trained to sniff out explosives found a backpack, which was then moved by a robot and detonated.  It was loud!

I got to be the one who blew open the door in the building search.  I was also killed later by a "bad guy" (note the use of ironic quotes) hiding in the bathroom near the "toilet."

The SWAT team's sniper showing us his flash-bang.

This is the gun he uses as a sniper.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 10.23.48 AM I got to drive the ambulance simulator.  They called ambulances "trucks."  Very realistic - hard to drive, the seat slewed around, and it even bumped up and down when you hit the curb.  I also got hit by the idiot in the red car.  And no one pulled over for me.  Or they got freaked out and pulled in front of me and then stopped.  
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