supposed to die

Growing up, counting down

My mom loves wild turkeys.  We were lucky enough to have someone show up on the neighbor's lawn Saturday.

I think Mom's stopped eating.  I haven't.  For sure. She's still doing the crossword puzzle in record time,

The round rock my grandma brought to my mom when they were flat broke.  See the rest of the story here:

Some of my mom's artwork.

Mom loves hats and playing dress up.  She is a hat person; I'm not.  But I humored her.  So did Teen about 10 days ago.

Also goes for surgery (the incision is hard to watch, but then once they're inside it's so fascinating!) and taking your clothes off as an artist's model (how I paid for college - wasn't hard to be clothed or to model, but if someone I knew was in class I felt funny undressing before them)
I love the painting of the kitchen things. And I love your hats. It's good not to lose the best parts of living even when the living is almost done. Hang in there. Best wishes.
I'm going to angle for that one! It will be interesting to see if my sibs and I all want the same things.

My mom is still sharp and funny. She's definitely much dizzier and weaker, but I'm glad she's mentally sharp.