aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The last six weeks in Google searches on my phone

This last month has been hard, hard, hard.

I flew home from New York on September 12. I spent 11 hours at home, then drove down to my mom's, four hours away.  She had chosen to go on hospice.  She died around midnight September 30.  She died exactly as she had wanted, and she had been in poor health for a long time. I have heard from dozens of people about how she helped them over the years, giving of herself, of her time and even her money (not that she ever had much).

And I tell myself that no one can live forever.  Still my grief is sometimes as raw as a wound.

  • What happens if lightning strikes a plane (when we were kept on the tarmac for hours in New York)

  • Rich soil crossword clue (helped Mom cheat on crossword, but she didn't know it)

  • Forsyte Saga (Mom and I watched all but the last episode, Someday I will watch it.)

  • Hope is the thing with feathers (when I found a little feather)

  • How long can you go without eating (Mom chose to stop)

  • Save iphone voicemail (because there's one from my mom)

  • AC joint sprain (really should not throw yourself into a kung fu shoulder roll)

  • Shimmy in steering wheel (had to have the car's brakes fixed the morning of the funeral)

  • Papa Murphy's coupon (all us kids had pizza at Mom's house, and she was all about coupons)

  • Milk glass (someone wanted to know if Mom had any)

  • Bible verses mourning

Tags: death, medford, mom, sad
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