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11 reasons I love kung fu

If you were ever going to predict that someone was going to love martial arts, you would not pick me. I have always been a klutz.  I was scared of the uneven parallel bar and the balance beam and pretty much any ball ever thrown my way. I hate conflict. I made my high school boyfriend leave a WWF fight he took me to. I am not physically brave. The only Cs I ever got were in PE.

But somehow, a cardio kickboxing class I took at my gym morphed into kakjukenbo - and I liked it! And then when that fell apart I went looking for a real school, and started taking kung fu almost two years ago.

Right now I'm taking classes 5-7 hours of class a week.  Why do I like kung fu so much?

1. It makes me feel strong.
2. I like being the oldest person at my school.
3. I also like being the only woman who spars (although that's going to change soon).
4. I now know how to fight back if I ever get attacked.  Yes, even if I end up on the ground.
5. I'm still not coordinated but practice, practice, practice has helped tremendously.
6. For one or two hours at a time, I don't think about anything else.  I just focus on kung fu.
7. It makes me feel bad ass.
8. It's been very useful for writing thrillers.
9. I like hanging out in a room full of guys. It's like eavesdropping, only I don't have to hide.
10. I have even come to enjoy grappling.  For a long time I thought: No way am I going to roll around on the floor with some guy on top of me and you can't tell me that wrapping my legs around his waist is a good thing.  It seemed like it would feel way too rape-y.  What I've found is that it is the most physical thing I've ever done - but it's not personal at all.
11. It's fun!

Kung Fu sparringKung fu Grappling Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 4.18.28 PM
So ... those cats *were* fast as lightning. In fact it was a little bit frighting! They all had expert timing!

*hook comes out* *drags her off stage*
It is a lot of fun. And at least now no one is thinking too much about Keith Carradine's manner of death...
I don't think I have ever been this passionate about a form of exercise before. As an adult, I've been a runner, a weight lifter, a Body Pumper, and had a brief and disastrous fling with Jazzercise.