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So much for Abnegation

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Just watched the trailer for Divergent.  Here's a screen shot of the main character when she is in Abnegation, the sect faction dedicated to selflessness and forgetting oneself for the sake of others. For example, they never look in mirrors.

Must be hard to glop on all that mascara with no mirror. Not to mention it doesn't seem very selfless....

I have to admit I'm a Hunger Games girl myself.  
The train thing never made much sense to me. I was reading the book while my mom was on hospice. Once I was back home, I didn't pick it up again, even though I was close to the end. But there could be a number of factors at play.
When I was in extras holding, one of the extras had put on mascara and she got a talking-to about it. I didn't have on any makeup except for face powder (that I brought in myself). I was given strict instructions not to wear any makeup, especially mascara or eye liner. But the makeup artists would come around between takes to tone down shine on various faces and bald heads. (I was Abnegation, by the way.)

I'm excited for the movie. Partly because a tiny speck of me is in it. But also because of Theo James. :) But I do think they could have toned down the mascara on Shai in hair and makeup.

With that said, I do think the movie is going to be good. I was there for the Choosing Ceremony, and what I saw of her blew me away.

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Oh wow that is SO COOL!!! I didn't know you were an actor.

I like the actress very much.

The plot of the book didn't blow me away, but then again, I was reading it while my mom was dying.
I wish I could say I was a REAL actor. As such, now I do background work from time to time, which I have been informed is no more than a prop. Ha. :)

Maybe someday. I need to take lessons, tone up my body, and stop thinking I'm too ugly to be on screen. And also grow a thicker skin.

The funny thing is that once booked, being on set is a lot of fun and the compliments just rain down on you, even if you're "just an extra." But getting booked, even as an extra, means a lot of rejection, and that's hard to deal with sometimes.

It was a really amazing experience to work on Divergent. I was only there for two days. I got to see Kate Winslet at work and she is unbelievably professional. And inspirational. And again, Shailene blew me away. She knows how to act subtlety with her face, which is rare in American media.

I can see why the book didn't blow you away--you had more important things on your mind.
I did not care for the book Divergent and I didn't bother to read the others in the series. I'll probably go see the movie though. I didn't like (among other things) how the MC shot her friend so easily, but had so many excuses for not wanting to shoot the bad guy (I read this a long time ago, so I'm going off memory here.) I, too, am a Hunger Games Girl.