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Five Things on a Friday

1. I'm going to the Houston Teen Book Con next April!

2. A movie producer who tried hard to make one of my books into a movie years and years ago is back and still interested.
3. I'm going to watch the last of the Forsyte saga tonight. I watched the rest with my mom while she was on hospice.  She had seen it before, but she still loved it. We also binge-watched the entire first season of Homeland. I feel like I spent that month with Damian Lewis as well as my mom. I miss her every day and cry most days.

TheBodyintheWoods high res cvr4. The cover of next summer's book, The Body in the Woods, is gorgeous.

5. I'm loving kung fu and hoping to test for my purple sash soon. I've been going to all the classes, even grappling.  Even weapons.  And I'm still the only woman in our school who spars (although that will change soon, I think.) 
Watch HOMELAND SSN 2 and think of your mom. It rocks. She would love it. Also GORGEOUS NEW COVER!!!
Condolences and sympathies. I lost my mom two decades ago and still miss her. But I've stopped picking up the phone to call her.

Congrats on the Kung Fu. Forty years ago I took classes. Loved it! That sensai didn't allow women not to spar. My greatest kick was the day I kicked a big guy's butt on points. Keep at it. It's great exercise and it's a great comfort when you're walking alone.
Our sparring class is once a week, so it's easy to skip it and say you have a schedule conflict.