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What age is this book for? Dueling covers for the same book


I saw Lucy Christopher had had a third book published.  Judging by the reading level, it's meant for slightly younger readers than her other books - ages 10 to 14.  I saw both of these covers on Amazon.  It's interesting how nearly the same background - although the swan is closer the the blues are different - can send a much different message depending on the age of the girl depicted.  I would say middle grade for the one on the left and YA for the one on the right. 
It was also a hard one to shelve at the library. I bought it for YA since STOLEN was so popular, but this next one didn't go out much in YA....I might move it to the MG section, but not sure it will "fly" there bc those readers don't know the author as well....
I think it's hard to write for different age groups and get traction. I still remember checking out Shooting Monarchs for my kid when she was like in fourth grade, because she had liked his other book so much. Only it was like an upper level YA. Didn't realize it until she mentioned some of the plot.

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Exactly. I certainly don't fault authors for writing for different age groups! It's just if they do -- and across the board for all authors -- the marketing/cover art needs to be clear on who the intended audience is.
The cover art was clear - but I requested it online and didn't see it. I made the mistake of thinking if he had written one book for fourth graders, the next one was for that age group, too.