aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Some random things on a Saturday

Wrong wayI am so, so, so behind.

I have an event every week or so for the foreseeable future. I also have two novels due by the end of April. One exists as only a four-page outline. There'a third novel I told my editor I would write this spring.

On Wednesday, my leg started acting up again - it felt tight and looked red. (I spent three days in the hospital between Christmas and New Years after having been diagnosed with cellulitis which kept getting worse.)  As you can image, this development frightened me. I got an appointment with my doctor, but was so resigned that I packed a bag for the hospital before I went to her office.

Instead, she said she was rethinking the idea it was cellulitis.  (Because I "failed" so many antibiotics, the hospital had deemed it MRSA cellulitis.)  She must have pulled every string she had, because within the next four hours I had an X-ray, a dermatology consult, a biopsy, an MRI, an orthopedist consult, and blood work.

I'm now up to having had 12 doctors weigh in on this. The new theory is that I had traumatic panniculitis (which resolves on its own with no treatment) and that I never had cellulitis at all.  If that's true, I didn't have to spend three weekPeely handss in bed with my legs elevated, have five antibiotics, have two drugs for the side effects, and even now, two weeks after I had IV vancomycin, be watching the skin on my hands peel off.

But hey, I am alive! All my latest test results look good. I'm slowly building my strength back up in running and kung fu (although I am wearing shin guards to protect whatever it is I have wrong with me). I have kids writing me every day. I have editors out there who want what I write.

And spring is coming.
Tags: health care, martial arts, running
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