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I get to write an episode for Zombies, Run!

I love all things zombie. 28 Day Later. 28 Weeks Later. I've been a fan of The Walking Dead since the first TV show aired. And I love, love, love Zombies, Run!  It's a phone app that let's run for your life from a horde of zombies. You can use it walking or on a treadmill, but I use it to run. You listen to a story line that's interspersed with your own music.  My favorite part is that you can turn on zombie chases which require you to run 20% faster for a full minute or the zombies close in.

I was listening to a mission on Friday.  The game is set in and taped in England, and in this episode, they had made contact with some survivors in Canada. The person on the radio said that pre-zombie-apoloypse she had been a writer and poet. Then she identified herself as Margaret Atwood, which made me laugh out loud in the middle of my early morning dead quiet neighborhood. I just figured Margaret Atwood was enough in the public eye they felt they could borrow her, but the more the person "playing" Margaret Atwood talked, the more I thought it was actually her. I went home and googled it and it was her!

So I tweeted about it and Naomi Alderman, the co-createor and lead writer for Zombies, Run (and also a novelist, which is how she knows Atwood) replied and asked me if I would like to write an episode.  You could see how long I took to think about it:

Zombies Run Twitter

And yes, the fact that I am running means I am back up to speed, health wise.  I am banned from sparring for two more weeks, but I am running (with some walks, because three weeks off your feet is hard to recover from), grappling, doing weapons works, and doing everything kung fu but sparring.
Tags: health care, martial arts, zombies, zombies run

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