supposed to die

Writing no matter what

Tonight I will turn in a book to my editor.  It's the second in the Point Last Seen series, which will start with The Body in the Woods (releasing June 17, 2014).

This book was written under the most extreme circumstances.

It was written in hotel rooms and on airplanes.

Mom red hatIt was written when I moved back home for a month to take care of my mom after she went on hospice. (It was not written   very well at that point, I think.)

It was written in coffee shops. 2013-12-28 11.30.16

It was written in cars (when I was the passenger).

It was written when I was sick of it.

It was written I should have been sleeping.

It was written in the hospital while listening to Half Moon Run's Full Circle (and trying not to listen to other people on the ward with Alzheimer's or detox or psych issues).

It was written.
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I think it was John Grisham who wrote his first novel on the subway to and from work. I wonder if he ever still rides the subway now...
I did the grind before and after work for a long time. Now it can still be a grind, but at least I don't have work in-between.
I did not feel like I had a lot of choice. It is still a tad late, and I've NEVER been late before. I think being so task oriented is my good point and my bad point.