aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

5 things on a Friday

Samuel Henry1. This is my great-grandfather, Samuel Henry, born in 1840.  The picture on the right I found on Ancestry.com and was taken in 1897.  The picture on the left is from a box of photos my mom left behind when she died.  It says postcard on the back, and when I googled it I found out how to tell it was from 1904-1918.  Samuel died in 1912.  I wondered if it was the same guy, and once someone pointed out to me the eyebrows, I realized one of the photos must be flopped.  What a fun discovery.

2. I just got a a really good haircut from someone who cuts curly hair dry. Now I see what that's recommended.

3. When I got back to my car, I passed a parking meter guy on a bike.  I was 10 minutes overdue and the yellow ticket was on my windshield.  He voluntarily turned his bike around, came back, and said he would not cite me this time - that it was just a warning.

4. I started a new book that's due soon, and I feel anxious and like I don't know what I'm doing.  I should be in the groove - I NEED to be in the grove - but instead I feel like it's not going to be very good and how will it get done.

5. I am loving kung fu. Where else can you learn how to dislocate someone's shoulder, or do knife drills with a real knife?  I'm even learning to be okay with being thrown.  Slowly learning.
Tags: life, martial arts

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