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5 things on a Saturday

1. I am going to Michigan in a week to speak at two schools and a library.  When I was first approached, I was told the weather might be in the 70s.  When I checked a few days ago, the temperature was -4.  Yes, a negative number.  I have never been in weather that was a negative number.

2. Next week, I am going to talk to the creator of Zombies, Run! about the episode(s) I am writing.

3. I have a book due in about two months. I have to write so much in between now and then that I get sort of sick thinking about it.

4. Yesterday I did a Skype visit with a middle school in Omaha.  Earlier I had been given the choice between doing it at 9 or 11 my time. I chose 11, but I guess they thought I chose 11 their time. Carrying a cup of coffee, I wandered into the spare bedroom around 9:10, planning to see if we still had Skype on an old computer. Only when I opened it up, there the kids were, waiting for me.  Luckily, I was at least dressed.  I actually managed to pull it off.  I think.

5. I spent part of today scanning in sections of a 120-year-old family photo. The little girl was my grandmother. The guy with the crazy mustache was my great-grandfather, and he was very protective of his youngest child. Ten years or so after this photo was taken, he would be charged with murder for gunning down grandma's boyfriend. For kissing her.  He only served two years. Presumably because of this traumatic incident, Grandma didn't get married until she was in her 30s.

Effie Satterwhite 1896ish
James Louis
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