In which April does the math

Every night I lie awake doing the math.  In the next six weeks, I need to:

- Write 70K words. This is what is stressing me out the most.  I can't skip a single day of writing.
- Try to read someone's book to blurb
- Go to Missouri and do several days of school visits
- Go to the Houston Teen Book Con
- Write two articles (one may be emotionally wrenching)
- Celebrate my birthday
- Drive five hours to my home town for two days of school visits and a presentation at B&N
- Walk through the house where I grew up and where my mom died and say goodbye because it just got sold
- Finish paying my taxes and set up an IRA SEP
- Speak at a benefit for low-income housing

And a few other things.

I just tell myself something Laini Taylor did once.  That there is a future me and she has done it.
I can't wait to be future me. I have this list of things to do/watch/read. You know what I am looking forward to? Cleaning!
Unfortunately even broken down my goals are too daunting. Unless maybe I try to hour by hour level.

Luckily the SEP ia all ready to go - I'm just waiting on a check so I can fully fund it.
Go, April, go! Just think how proud you'll be when you look back on this. I know it seems like forever but someday you'll get a break.
I'm not going to say "I know you can do it", because that would be a lie. I obviously don't know you well enough to know what you're capable of. lol. But I do remember you being stressed out about deadlines last year, and you managed to get through that, so I'm fairly confident you'll manage this time too.

I don't envy you having to say goodbye to the house you grew up in, but remember, the house isn't where the memories are stored. You get to take them with you. :)