aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Could be good. Could be awful.

Variety says that Twentieth Century Fox has set Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise to play sleuths in "The Hardy Men," a Shawn Levy-directed action comedy based on mystery series "The Hardy Boys."

(Full disclsoure: I know Shawn Levy, but in this case it's Shawn Levy the author and movie reviewer. No relation to the other Shawn Levy. I think the OSL used to direct music videos, and then he did some kid's movie starring the kid from Malcolm in the Middle, and since then several undistinguished movies, including Night at the Museum. My kid said that one stunk, and my agent confessed she went to sleep during it. I kind of like Ben Stiller, but I have some standards.)

The plot: The Hardy boys, once wunderkind youth sleuths, have grown up. Long estranged, they're brought together to solve one last case. Fox is hunting for a scribe to do a rewrite.

(Full disclosure number two: For some reason, Variety loves words like "scribe" and "ankled.")

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