aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Matt Groenig and me

We have so much in common!

For example, today is his birthday and mine's only a couple of months away.

Plus, his cartoons first were shown on the Tracey Ullman show, and I have seen Tracey Ullman in person in a one-woman Broadway show where portrayed the mother of Errol Flynn's underage wife! (Full disclosure: I will admit it was kind of a weird show.)

Plus, Matt is from Portland, and so many references in the show are from Portland. We have streets here named Terwilliger, Flanders, Powell, Quimby, and Lovejoy - just like characters in The Simpsons. (Yet another connection: I once interviewed a woman who graduated from nursing school in 1918 and was taught by Nurse Lovejoy herself!) And then there's the power plant, just like Trojan, and a scenic Gorge, just like Columbia River Gorge.

I'm such a demented fan that I was saddened when he got divorced.

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