It's official - I'm a purple belt in kung fu!

I've been wanting to take my purple best test in kung fu forever, but a series of unfortunate events (death in family, medical error that resulted in hospitalization, and knee injury from running) conspired me to be out of town or out of commission whenever there was a belt test.

You have to demonstrate kicks, punches, grab counters, grappling, stick fighting, stances, forms, and more. Martial arts has been key to me being successfully able to describe physical enounters.

Last night I finally tested and got my purple belt.

Now all I need to do is get a single stripe on my belt in Brazilian jiujitsu and I'll be happy!

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I'm thinking I could go for blue ... maybe
Blue belt used to seem impossible, but now I'm thinking maybe. I'm one of the oldest at our school, and it's hard when a lot of your classmates are teenagers!
Re: I'm thinking I could go for blue ... maybe
Only on a good day. They have amazing reserves of energy plus they are super flexible. Oh, and they have no fear.
I'm just so glad I made it. I begged to test earlier in the year, but Sifu didn't want me to until my knee was as good as it was going to get. I'm glad he made me wait.
A day in the life of April Henry
-Roll out of bed
-Eat breakfast
-Beat up real teenagers
-Murder fictional teenagers
-Muse about lookalike covers
-Go to bed