Do you live in the South? Can you help me find Clem and SLY?

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Isn't this amazing! A writer in Cummings, Georgia (Meghan Harker, found it in her till at work. She posted it on Twitter and a friend alerted me. I traded her $5 bills - only mine was in a copy of Girl, Stolen.

Can you help me find Clem & her friend SLY? I would guess Clem and SLY are in middle school. I originally thought Clem was short for Clementine, but a librarian in Georgia says Clem is a pretty common boy's name there.
April and Jenny KOIN Clem Sly
After I put it up on Twitter and Facebook, I heard from KOIN-TV. Reporter Jenny Hannson and her photographer Ole interviewed me Monday for a story that will run on Friday (and be online) about the $5 bill found in Georgia with instructions that it be used to buy a copy of Girl, Stolen. There's a chance the story may air in Georgia as well.

April and Ole KOIN Clem and Sly croppedI would love to find Clem and SLY and give them and their school library some books!  And if you could help, I'd give you books, too!
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I'm hoping if I find them that I might be able to do a free school visit. It would be so fun!
i love your books
my name is umarr kamara i live in philly and im in 7th grade i go to Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School omg i dont even read books to be honest because most books i read are boring and take forever to get interesting.....but our teacher wanted us to bring in a book so i just picked a book from my brothers room the book was "Girl, Stolen" and i went to school didnt even think about reading the book in-till i got to her class and i read the first page and fell in love with the book i felt like i was there when everything was happening i didnt finish the book but i love it...... your probably not going to read this anyway
Re: i love your books
I read everything! Facebook, emails, comments on my blog, comments on my website.

I love to hear from people who think they don't like to read, because I want to be the person who makes them think that just need to find the right books (which is true for all of us).

I'm curious - why didn't you finish it?

I would love to hear back from you.