Haven't I seen you before? Dueling covers of ladies with suitcases

Just saw the cover for the first one, but it reminded me of so many other books.  And Jennie Shortridge's book shows a guitar, but I believe it was originally the exact same image as the one on Jennifer Lauck's book - until she pointed out that her character says she has never owned a suitcase. (Edited to add Illegally Blonde - looks like all they changed was the color of the suitcase and oddly the bows on her shoulders. Note that Leaving Unknown shows the exact same road.)
leaving unknownthe best of times
Unknown-1the girl she used to be
Also, ILLEGALLY BLONDE by my friend, Nelsa Roberto. I think the cover is practically identical to THE GIRL SHE USED TO BE.

You'd think publishers would want to have more originality in their cover designs...
It is nearly identical! I think it's cheaper to go with already available stock art with maybe a few alternations (like losing the bows on the shoulders)