aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Haven't I seen you someplace before? Dueling covers of girls in the grass

Saw this one at a school visit today:

I've posted about these before:

ETA:  Someone on Twitter pointed out that Before I Fall was actually a boy's photo, photoshopped.  I googled and found Lauren Oliver saying this in an interview: "Did you know that that [the cover of Before I Fall]‘s actually a five-year-old boy’s photoshopped image? It’s pretty disturbing. You’ll never look at it the same way again. I don’t even know who that’s supposed to be; it doesn’t look like Sam. It kind of looks like Juliet. But it’s cover art; it’s supposed to be evocative of what the characters are supposed to look like, but it doesn’t have to be identical necessarily."
Tags: dueling covers
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