Blood Will Tell

I'm flabbergasted

I was on ebay tonight - I buy almost all my clothes there - and out of curiosity typed my name in the search box.  Lots of books and audio tapes and a few ARCs (kind of makes me wince, but whatever).  And then this:

Why? Who would want a photo of me with my first book? Why can't I still look that young?  What happened to that shirt? I loved that shirt.  And it's being sold by Historic Images. Does 2000 really count as history?

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I made history by holding the store's cat, Oscar, at the photographer's suggestion. Despite living in a store, she (yes, she was a she) did not like to be held. Her claws were sunk deep into me the whole time.
I believe the appropriate response here is "Only seventeen dollars? And why is nobody bidding on it!"