Blood Will Tell

It only took me months to get this! A stripe on my belt in jiujitsu

I am the wrong sex (F) and age (56) for Brazilian Jiujitsu, but I still freaking love it! I'm getting to train a bit extra for a month at Alive MMA (normal school is Westside Academy of Kung Fu) and today I got a stripe on my belt.

Me! A stripe!

When I was a kid, I used to walk home from school reading a book (with brief interruptions when I ran into things). The only reason my high school GPA was less than 4.0 was because of Cs in PE. In my senior year, we played round-robin tennis and I was beaten by EVERYONE, including the mainstreamed developmentally delayed girl and the girl with juvenile arthritis so bad she couldn't even use one hand.

You have no idea how proud I am of this stripe!

(Photos of everything but stripe courtesy Rich Kolbell.)
I grappled with some bigger and better people today and basically just had to concentrate on breathing.
You're like a fifty six year old version of Tris Prior.
So I read these posts and think, "Wow, I want to be April Henry when I'm fifty six." And then I go, "Maybe I could be April Henry now." I'm a shrimpy, wimpy eighteen year old. What would you recommend for a beginner?
I was once one of those myself. I'll let you in on some secrets:

Almost everyone in martial arts is secretly a nerd at a heart
Most martial arts people make sound effects with their mouths when they are doing non-contact things (like a lot can do a good light saber imitation)
Most martial arts folks have at least thought about being a writer.

Almost any school will let you observe or take a free week of classes. You find a place where they are respectful to each other and to where you are starting from. Good people will challenge you but not overwhelm you.

You're in Beaverton, right? If you ever want to drive over to Hillsdale and try out my school, let me know and I'll be sure I'm in the class you are taking.

I am older and slower and not as flexible or strong as I would like to be. But more and more I feel confident. I wish I had started years ago.

Also, since you are in Beaverton (I think) please come to Powells Beaverton on the 17th at 7 so I can meet you!
Hm, not sure why I got the idea you were local. You follow me on Twitter as well, right? Maybe I saw something on there?

Anyway, look on Yelp at reviews of schools (that should give you a good overview), and then ask if you can watch a class. It kind of takes some guts to watch or to participate. Just going to that new school last week made me super nervous down to the level of where will I put my stuff, what will they ask me to do, what if people are mean - but it was all fine.