Blood Will Tell

Haven't I seen you someplace before? Nearly identical covers of girls gazing with hands clasped

I usually feature dueling covers with similar but not identical images. Not so here. The Revenant came out from Knopf. Sweet Madness comes out in September from Merit Press, where Jacquelyn Mitchard is the editor. (Aside: she once took a picture of me with Sherman Alexie at a book festival.)

Those houses/imprints are so high profile that I wish this nearly identical image wasn't being used for both books. (Thanks to deenaml for the tip!) 
Ha! There's actually another novel out there that uses the stock photo of the girl. Wish I could track that down to add to your gallery. :D
The guy they used for Torched I've seen on numerous covers. Very distinctive nose. He's always going in for a kiss, but at different angles.