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Problems with manuscripts: who should I pay attention to?

I'm teaching a class at the end of the week. Those who wanted to could submit the first 10 pages of their novel to be critiqued.

Some of these samples manage to squeeze three point of view characters into those 10 pages. The problem is that by the time I was done reading the pages, I wasn't sure who was important. Who was my main character? Who did I care about the most?

Thinking about that helped me guide me when working with my writing partner on a new series. Originally we were going to start with the discovery of the body in chapter one. Chapter two will be a diary entry from the murder victim. And chapter three was going to be from the POV of a secondary character, a TV newswoman covering the story. But since the real main character is actually a lawyer, it makes sense to have chapter three be her watching the TV story instead. Otherwise, the reader might get confused and not know who the main character is, might even think it's the TV reporter.

So if you write books with multiple POV, who are you saying is important in the first few pages of your story?

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