Book Tweep - there's a sucker born every minute

I got an email from an outfit called Book Tweep.

We saw your book "The Night She Disappeared" at Amazon. We would like to help you in the Promotional efforts of "The Night She Disappeared" to boost the number of sales and ranking. We will act as an extra helping hand in marketing your book so that you can get more time to write your next one. You can check our website and discuss your promotion queries and your Book Sales target. For more info just visit our website and write to us.

Hey, for only $14.99 a month you can promote your self-published book through three Twitter accounts that spew endless tweets that I doubt are ever seen and that have a suspect number of followers.

The tweets are along these lines: "Emotional struggles and deep friendships play."

Another red flag for me is the poorly written web site.

How it works?

  • The cost of our book promotion service is $14.99 per month for a single book or a series.

  • You will get one promotional tweet from our each twitter account.

  • We will tweet from 3 twitter accounts so you will get 3 promotional tweets per day.

  • In month total 90 promotional tweets per month for your book at the cost of $14.99 per month to our more than 250,000 followers/readers.

  • In addition to it we will also permanently list your book on our site(1000 to 1500 per day visitors).

i just received the identical email.
I just received the same email for one of my books.
I keep receiving these notes, but I haven't replied. I'm not sure how helpful it would be to be part of their tweet, and how do I know there are 1500 visitors per day? My books are not self published, so perhaps Book Tweet would do better to connect with my publishers and arrange to promote the books through that connection. I'm a newbie writer, and I don't know much about promotion. Does anyone else know more about this company? I don't want to throw money away, but I would like to give my work broader visibility.
Re: I just received the same email for one of my books.
You would totally be throwing your money away. I can guarantee you that.
Book Tweep
Here's what they keep sending me:

Zorpia would like to:
View your email address
View your basic profile info
Manage your contacts

A button says: Allow.

I haven't allowed, and won't.

Book Tweep
Thanks for saving me time. Was checking them out too after receiving their email. I didn't dare click on the link they sent. Your article was the first thing that popped up.
Take care,
Morgan Hannah MacDonald
They are not alone. There are several other almost identical offers of "help" to promote my books via Twitter. Interesting thing about BookTweep is that there no indication of who they are, who runs them, where they are based etc. I suspect these pushers are all branches of one giant business making big promises than cannot be substantiated. Avoid. Save your money.
Re: BookTweep
If I'm going to spend my money on anything, it's going to be my idea, not theirs.
I just got one. As all others like them they flood their tweets about your book to people that do not read books.
Total waste of money. I learned the hard way.
These people are based in India and Philippines. They flood your twitter account with followers who do not read books. I lost rookie money with some of my books. BTW, not one book sold.
Book Tweet
I made the mistake of signing up. I saw ZERO increase in sales of my book (which was already top ten at Amazon). Then they continued to bombard me with emails to sign up when I already WAS, all from different email addresses. Then they started sending me emails to sign up for books I had never written. Idiots in India in my opinion and most of their "readers" are probably the people sending you all the spam.
Re: Book Tweet
It seems inexpensive, so I think a lot of people think it might be worth it. But they are counting on that.