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Shock Point nominated for a reader's choice award in Pennsylvania

Here are all the YA noms:
Budhos Marina, Ask Me No Questions
Caletti Deb, Wild Roses
Coy John, Crackback
Draper Sharon M., Copper Sun
Dueker Carl, Runner
Ferguson Alane, The Christopher Killer: Forensic Mystery 1
Helfer Ralph, Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion that Ever Lived
Henry April , Shock Point
Lisle Janet Taylor, Black Duck
Morgenroth Kate, Jude
Murdock Catherine, Dairy Queen
Qualey Marsha, Just Like That
Rees Douglas, Vampire High
Salisbury Graham, Eyes of the Emperor
Shulman Polly, Enthusiasm

I just reviewed Eyes of the Emperor for an upcoming Oregonian article. And I used to obsessively check not only Shock Point's Amazon numbers, but Enthusiasm's as well, since it came out about the same time from the same house, and people fell in love with it.

Voting isn't until March. March 2008.

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