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This sounds more like a movie moment than real life

We've all seen those movie moments where someone sees an artist's work and declares them a genius. And all of us artists have had our fantasies about those moments. Usually it doesn't work like that. Usually.

But PW online has a story about a guy who showed his comic to a publisher who fell in love with it.

"Last February, Jeff Kinney headed to New York's Comic Con convention with a dummy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, his novel in cartoons about a middle-grade boy navigating school and life, in his bag. He didn't think he would do anything with it, but thought he should be prepared, just in case." On the way out of the building, he showed it to a house's senior editor. " ""He told me, 'This is the kind of thing we're looking for,' " Kinney recalls. Soon after their meeting, Kinney had a three-book contract with Amulet Books, Abrams's middle-grade and young-adult imprint.""

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