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USA Today reviews several YAs - including Brent Hartinger's!

Earlier this week, I was blogging about how few book review outlets there are for YAs. Every now and then, USA Today will publish a round-up of books, like a bunch of mysteries or cookbooks. This week, it's a bunch of young adult novels.

The Day My Mother Left, James Prosek
Split Screen: Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies/Bride of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies, Brent Hartinger
Harmless, Dana Reinhardt
Now You See Her, Jacquelyn Mitchard

I have a copy of Split Screen in by TBR (to-be-read) and my PTBR (possibly to be reviewed) pile. Plus I am "friends" with Brent on myspace and livejournal.

I want to check out Harmless because it sounds like a plot I've been thinking of. And if it's similar, thank God it never got out of the thinking stage.

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